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Thank you for visiting Kleinert Homes and welcome …

Our company began building homes in 1968 and is still going strong today.  Whilst many others have come and gone, we have withstood many industry and economic tests over this time. Today we still enjoy being a successful contribution to the building industry.

We know that building a new home is a major financial decision with an emotional attachment, and selecting the correct builder is crucial to achieving your dream. In our experience, there are some important points to consider when selecting a building company.


  • Long established with a good track record
  • Respected in the industry and community and financially sound
  • Good rapport with clients

Skills and Qualifications

  • Registered Building Practitioner and HIA Greensmart accredited
  • Working knowledge of Building Standards, Codes and Legislation
  • Intimate knowledge of planning and design procedures
  • Construction expertise, safety and quality workmanship

Professional Approach

  • Contactable, Punctual and Helpful
  • Pro-active attitude and astute scheduling
  • Respect individuals and environment

Personal Attributes

  • Trustworthy, Reliable and Approachable
  • High integrity
  • Excellent communication


  • Interpreting plans and concepts and understanding aspirations
  • Sharing the dream and thinking differently
  • Design the home you’ve always wanted
  • Building relationships

We believe we tick all of these boxes –

Interested?  We encourage you to please explore our company in more detail. We know you will have many questions, please feel free to contact us

I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Stephen Kleinert

A message from our Managing Director, Stephen Kleinert …

What our clients say about us …

We found them to be professional and flexible when we had to make changes to the plans and gave us reasonable quotes when extra work was required. Their administration is first class – detailed and timely. The quality of work excellent.

They build a very high quality home. Also being a small builder, you get a good one-on-one relationship. They obviously take pride in their work and we feel that we got exactly what we asked for.

Kleinert Homes are very professional and the quality of their workmanship is outstanding. They have used the same sub-contractors over a great many years, which helps to maintain their high level of quality.